How to Become a Master Gardener

Master Gardener volunteer training classes are conducted through the County Extension Service offices annually or bi-annually by Cooperative Extension Service specialists, agents, and other horticulture professionals. During the training program, participants are taught many different horticulture subjects by experts in the field.

The Cooperative Extension Service is committed to education. To accomplish this, those adopting the Master Gardener Policy must be willing to accept the challenge of wanting to go through a rigorous training including reading, quizzes, and a final exam. Each participant is expected to attend all training sessions and keep up with the material being covered each week. An excellent curriculum has been developed that includes a wide variety of subjects. The program will be taught through classroom lectures, labs, and demonstrations. University of Kentucky Extension Specialists, Horticulture Agents, and resource people will provide instruction from the community.

Once volunteers are accepted into a Master Gardener program, they are trained by cooperative extension, university, and local industry specialists in subjects such as taxonomy, plant pathology, soil health, entomology, cultural growing requirements, sustainable gardening, nuisance wildlife management, and integrated pest management.

To become a Master Gardener, contact the Hardin County Extension Office, your name will be added to the list of people interested in becoming Master Gardener Volunterrs. When the classes are scheduled, you will receive a letter in the mail with all the details: date, time, and location.

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